Summerfest 2012 Greening Efforts

Summerfest officials are excited to announce elements of its 2012 greening program. Along with partners MillerCoors and PepsiCo, Summerfest continues to take additional steps to raise awareness and encourage “green behavior.” To read greening efforts in full, check out their webpage.

In 2011, PepsiCo and MillerCoors provided more than 300 recycling bin units at Henry Maier Festival Park, making it easier and more convenient for patrons to recycle their cups no matter where they were on the property.  Efforts paid off and six times the amount of material was recycled and diverted from landfills than in previous years.  This year, an additional 25 recycling bin units will be added to help grow awareness and ease of recycling during Summerfest.

For the second year, Summerfest will utilize the most recyclable cup on the market (PET 1 by Solo Cup Company) to serve beer and other beverages in this year.  And, PepsiCo will provide its Dream Machine recycling bins and kiosks as part of its commitment to creating strategic partnerships to help increase the U.S. beverage container recycle rate to 50 percent by 2018. Two Dream Machine kiosks will be located near the Miller Lite Oasis and Market Square at Summerfest.

The Dream Machine recycling initiative, created by PepsiCo in collaboration with Waste Management and Keep America Beautiful, is introducing thousands of recycling kiosks and bins at popular public venues and supports PepsiCo’s goal to create strategic partnerships to help increase the U.S. beverage container recycling rate to 50 percent by 2018. Dream Machines are more than recycling bins. Dream Machine kiosks are computerized receptacles that include a personal reward system, which allows consumers to earn points for every bottle or can they recycle in the kiosk.  Those points can then be redeemed for local discounts on entertainment, dining and travel by visiting  In addition, the more bottles and cans people recycle in Dream Machines—including plastic bottles and PET 1 cups recycled in Dream Machines at Summerfest—the more support PepsiCo will provide to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), a national program offering free, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to post-9/11 U.S. veterans with disabilities.

Summerfest is committed to partnering with fans and sponsors to create awareness and affect positive change in behaviors. Patrons can help do the right thing for the environment and win great prizes at Summerfest this year.  In partnership with MillerCoors, patrons can “Go Green and Go Backstage” when they visit and pledge to be “green” at Summerfest.  Anyone that pledges to be “green” will be automatically entered to win VIP passes to the Miller Lite Oasis Stage Right Deck to see Ziggy Marley on Wednesday, July 4.  The contest runs through June 24, but patrons are encouraged to practice environmental responsibility, pledge to be “green” and recycle throughout the entire festival.

Fans will be able to learn more about being responsible in the environment when they visit the MillerCoors Responsibility Booth located south of the Mid Gate during Summerfest.  They will also have the opportunity to receive cool swag if they stop by and pledge to be responsible.

Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. also incorporated greening and sustainability efforts into the newly-renovated BMO Harris Pavilion and South End Redevelopment Project.  Several recycled materials have been used from the demolition of previous structures on the site, including the steel structure, roof decking, seats, benches, toilet partitions, concrete, asphalt, landscaping pavers and metals.  The BMO Harris Pavilion restrooms will utilize an energy management system that controls light fixtures to minimize their use during non-operating time periods and the incorporation of natural, day-time lighting in public restrooms to cut down on the use of artificial lighting.  Many of these “green” features are also in place in the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard area.

During Summerfest, and all year round, fans are encouraged to work together to save the environment and keep Milwaukee beautiful.

(Article courtesy of Summerfest)

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Couscousing to Morocco, With a Stop in Sevilla

After my last trip to Granada I felt an itch to travel more and more. I knew wanted to see new places throughout Spain and Europe, do some more self-discovery, and just go explore. Before I left Alicante for another weekend, the wonderful festival Carnaval came to town. Carnaval is a festive season that happens immediately before Lent, with the main event happening in mid February. The festival involves a parade, celebration, and a public street party. Las Ramblas, the main street in Alicante, was decorated with huge garnishing, had two stages for concerts, and vendors in the middle. It seems as if Spaniards, of all ages, love an excuse to dress up and light off some fireworks!

Carnaval is a time when everyone dresses up as well, comparable to Halloween in the states. My friend and I went to Don Dino, a local costume shop to pick up some masks and a vaquero (cowboy) outfit for me, and since we live on the Mediterranean I felt it was appropriate to ride a sea horse for the night. Before I left to my friend’s piso or apartment, I helped my host sister and her friend prepare their cat costumes and intricate face paint. My Carnaval experience was a lot of fun while I socialized and danced the night away. It is known that the Brazilian Carival is one of the best-known celebrations today, and the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the largest in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. However, I was greatly satisfied with the Alicantian Carnaval.

Carnaval on Las Ramblas

The week after, a good bit of our USAC group signed up for an excursion to Morocco! We all had to wake up extremely early the day after class to catch a flight into Sevilla, where we had 8 hours to kill before the trip started. Luckily I had a friend who was studying there and he gave us an awesome tour of the city. After a very early Spanish Scramble breakfast, we went to the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world and the 4th largest Gothic cathedral (that had Christopher Columbus remains), the Mushroom, walked along the river, and went to Plaza de España, one of my favorite spots that was also featured in a Star Wars movie! Check out this picture, and then watch this video.

Cathedral in Sevilla

The Mushroom with basement market and Roman ruins

Plaza de España

Then it was time to board our bus to catch my first ever ferry, cross the straight of Gibraltar, and check into our hotel in Tangiers. After resting up the first night after an extremely long day of travel, our first destination was Tetouan, which stands as a relic of beauty of Northern Morocco overlooking the sea. We passed through many markets with our guide Muhammad, through a tannery and past where the king of Morocco once lived. On our bus ride back to stopped along the coast for some camel rides, and at the Caves of Hercules. Truly an awesome place. During our lunch in Tetouan we of course at couscous with a wonderful show by a little band and a man juggling cups of fire!

The next morning started off as an eventful one. When we were riding to Chefchaouen a Morocco boy tried to hide in the engine compartment of our bus, thinking we were going to Spain. Sitting in the back of the bus I stared down at a pulsating floorboard, and luckily he got out okay. This was definitely a new and alarming experience for me! Once we got to Chefchaouen we had another walking tour of the city and had a chance to bargain in the markets. I got a chance to buy some Moroccan handcrafted slippers! The city was awesome, nestled between two mountains, houses painted all white with blue doors, which was all topped off with an amazing lunch. Some of the most common dishes are tagines and couscous. The lunch we ate at the Casa de Aladdin, which had an awesome interior design, was couscous with chicken, liver, lemon pepper, olives, and apricots. Delicious! The night in Chefchaouen was our last in Morocco and after a long bus ride, ferry, another long bus ride, and flight we made it back safely to Alicante.

Tour with Muhammad in Tetouan

Morrocan "babaouche" Slippers

Tannery in Tetouan

Camel ride!

Paint in Chefchaouen

Markets in Chefchaouen

After a week of class another day trip was in store for a few friends and me. We took the train to a neighboring city called Elche, where there is the largest concentration of palm trees in the world, around 200,000 to 300,000. We visited the Huerto del Cura which is a botanic tropical garden with many ponds, bamboo, and plants. At the center is the “Imperial Palm Tree” that is composed of about six palm trees supported amongst one another. We also saw the Basilica de Santa Maria and intended to climb one of the towers that overlooks the city, but it was closed. It would have been awesome to see all the palms throughout the entire city!

The Huerto del Cura

Walking Elche

Aside from staying busy with my studies and a few trips, I also started a new Remo or rowing class. On the port of Alicante about 20 students and I enjoy an evenings worth of rowing, and we are progressively getting better. I have been designated as our leader who calls out “Chop! Fuera,” which basically keeps everyone’s paddle in rhythm when it hits and exits the water. This got old after about the fifth sentence, and now I am convinced chop fuera is a type of Chinese fare. Coming up should be some more relaxation and day trips around the Alicante area. Adios!

Side Note: So far my favorite city is Sevilla!

Some more Carnaval pictures.

Some more Sevilla pictures.

Some more Morocco pictures.

And some Elche pictures.

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Success Seems to Be…

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The Rise of Pinterest

Social and search continue to be essential inbound marketing channels. And while Google’s generating a lot of discussion around its new social network, Google+, another website is actually driving more inbound traffic: Pinterest.

With its U.S. traffic skyrocketing to more than 10 million visits, the virtual pinboard is now one of the top 10 social networking and forum websites. This infographic introduces you to Pinterest and provides ideas on how you can use the social photo sharing website to promote products, build community, and drive website traffic and conversions.

Oh, and Pinterest raised $37 million in funding last year and has an unconfirmed valuation of up to $200 million. So, if you haven’t paid much attention to it yet, you might want to start. See what I’m pinning here

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Adele vs. Daft Punk – Something About the Fire


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