Super Bowl XLVI Gets Green

I came across a post from TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky on Treehugger about the Super Bowl and its greening efforts. After interning at TerraCycle last summer, I like to keep up on all things green, and wanted to share this news!

This year, together with the Indianapolis Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee, the NFL has extended the use of ‘green’ power to all six major Super Bowl facilities. Everything from the computers in the Motorola Super Bowl XLVI Media Center to the lights that shine down on the teams as they compete during Super Bowl will be powered by green energy.

Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s longest serving provider of green power, was selected to supply 15,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with the electricity used at the major NFL venues. These include Lucas Oil Stadium, site of Super Bowl XLVI, the Indiana Convention Center, site of the NFL Experience Football Theme Park, and all four of the major NFL hotels including the NFL Headquarters, the Super Bowl Media Center, and the AFC and NFC team hotels.

This is a positive step in the right direction for an event and a business that don’t really need to market themselves. Everyone knows what the Super Bowl is, what the NFL is, and if they love football, they’re going to watch. The Super Bowl and NFL don’t really need to convert people to being football fans.

The point I’m trying to make here is that generally, as a consumer, I am an eco-skeptic, but I couldn’t help thinking to myself that this is something the NFL probably isn’t doing to gain new viewers. I suspect they’re doing it out of a larger sense of corporate responsibility, and I’m looking forward to seeing other corporations embrace sustainability efforts like the NFL has and work with solution providers like Green Mountain Energy.

What events, corporations or businesses have you spotted doing the “right-thing” recently? Frito Lay has partnered with TerraCycle and the NFL has partnered with Green Mountain Energy. Who else?

(via Treehugger and Green Mountain Energy)

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Explorer, photographer, and digital marketer. New York City by way of the Midwest.
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