Wisconsin Great Lakes Surfrider Chapter

A few months ago my brother John decided to open up a chapter of Surfrider. The mission of the Surfrider Foundation is the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. But you can’t surf in the Midwest, right? Think again, and be sure to watch Unsalted: A Great Lakes Experience! In fact, Sheboygan, Wisconsin has some of the best surfing in the Midwest and hosts the annual Dairyland Surf Classic, the largest lake surfing competition in the world. Since there is a chapter up in Minnesota, my brother felt it was necessary to have a presence on Lake Michigan. Already working for the Urban Ecology Center, he feels a need “to activate and elevate consciousness through inspirational messages and genuine connections between people. The foundation of this purpose is rooted in his interest in helping others form an environmental ethic.” What a better way to form this ethic than helping to clean up our oceans, waves, beaches, and lakes.

The WI-Great Lakes Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research, and education. Today there are over 70 chapters nationwide with affiliates worldwide. In short, a Surfrider Foundation Chapter is a privately-funded, non-governmental group that monitors and takes action on local environmental issues. Chapters are organized to accomplish Surfrider Foundation’s Mission Statement worldwide.

So why form a WI-Great Lakes Surfrider Chapter? Because, surprisingly, there are actually a good number of people in Wisconsin who surf, whether on Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, or other Wisconsin water (rivers/lakes) who believe in the principles and mission of the Surfrider Foundation. The region boasts many sailboarders, wakeboarders, kiteboarders, kayakers, stand up paddleboarders (SUPs), and watermen and waterwomen in general who support the Surfrider vision and want to contribute to preserving our water resources here in Wisconsin. I really hope you can support the organization by becoming a member (details here), liking WI-Great Lakes Surfrider on Facebook, and following them on twitter. Better yet, come surf with us! Just be sure to bring a wetsuit.

photo courtesy of WI Surfrider

photo courtesy of International Surfing Day (Elizabeth Manley)

photo courtesy of WI Surfrider (Dave Meisinger)

photo courtesy of WI Surfrider

photo courtesy of International Surfing Day (Elizabeth Manley)

photo courtesy of International Surfing Day (Elizabeth Manley)

photo courtesy of WI Surfrider

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Explorer, photographer, and digital marketer. New York City by way of the Midwest.
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