Corporate to Consumer Action

According to Climate Counts, the time for talk about global warming has passed, and significant corporate, consumer, and political action is now necessary.

Climate Counts is a collaborative effort to bring consumers and companies together in the fight against global climate change.

They score the world’s largest companies on their climate impact to spur corporate climate responsibility and conscious consumption. Their goal is to motivate deeper awareness among consumers — that the issue of climate change demands their attention, and that they have the power to support companies that take climate change seriously and avoid those that don’t.

You can use the Climate Counts Company Scorecard to see how serious companies are about stopping climate change – and how they compare to their sector competitors. The annually updated scorecard reflects the self-reported efforts of companies to address climate change. The higher the score, the greater the company’s commitment to fighting global warming.

When consumers take action and raise their voices on issues that matter to them, businesses pay attention. The power to control climate change is essentially in your hands. Did you know that companies contribute the lions share of greenhouse gas emissions threatening the planet? We have just 10 years to reduce greenhouse gases before global warming becomes unstoppable according to the video. Business cares what you think and obviously cares what you buy. When you buy vote for climate action, put your money where your values are!

About Zak Suhar

Explorer, photographer, and digital marketer. New York City by way of the Midwest.
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