Sustainable Treehouse Community

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Finca (n): property, estate, ranch, farm
Bellavista (n): beautiful view, scene, vista

Finca Bellavista is a residential treehouse community in its formative years in the south Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica. It is a rustic, yet comfortable, private retreat off the beaten path where owners and limited numbers of guests can explore the natural wonders of the rainforest canopy and enjoy what the community calls ‘treetop Pura Vida‘. The nearest town is 1.5 miles away and has just a school, a church, a pulperia, a bus stop, a handful of houses, and a soccer field. While the village is focused on providing a place for humans to dwell, interact with, and grow within the treetop realm, Finca Bellavista’s founders, Erica and Matt Hogan, are committed to being stewards of the land and environment that surrounds it. “Everything we do at Finca Bellavista is done with consciousness, caution and care guided by our personal beliefs,” they explain.

The treetop neighborhood is still growing and there has been a lot of progress since its inception less than 5 years ago. The completed base camp has a vast community complex with a dining hall, an open-air lounge (with Wifi!), a rancho, a bath house, a campfire ring and a wedding garden. Almost one-half of the community’s “Sky Trail” transportation network is now up and running, offering incredible canopy and river corridor views. Plus, many residents are in various stages of construction and new tree abodes are popping up in the community all the time. There are many things to do at Finca Bellavista as well, like bird watching, wildlife observation, discovering waterfalls, swimming in natural pools, hiking, ziplining, photography, painting, writing, tree climbing, and relaxingIf this isn’t living in harmony with nature then I dont know what is!

Finca Bellavista website – link

Photos of the treehouses link

Source: Inhabitat article – link

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