Habana Outpost – A Taste of Sustainability

In the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, New York, a space that was once a parking lot has been transformed into one of the borough’s best scenes. Habana Outpost, a restaurant-cum-cultural center, features an open-air market, outdoor movies, great food and drink, and a social hub for the creative and diverse local community. Underlying it all is an ethic of sustainability: The eatery, powered by renewable energy, boasts dozens of green building features—none of which takes away from the enjoyable experience. We took a look at some of the Outpost’s most inventive innovations. (description via GOOD.is)

  • View the list of Habana’s “Green Facts” – link
  • Visit Cafe Habana’s website – link
  • Habana Outpost Menu – link

The cafe is a mecca for environmentalism and sustainable food practices. There are countless features in the outpost that promote these green initiatives as well. There are solar panels, their plates are 100% biodegradable, their cups are made from a PLA (a material that is essentially plastic, made from corn which is 100% compostable), they have a compost/recycling station, their picnic tables are made out of TREX (recycled plastic bottles and sawdust), their doors are reclaimed, they have a rainwater collection system, and best of all they have a human powered blender. In order to make smoothies at Habana Outpost, the act of pedaling causes the blender’s blade to spin, replacing the need for a motor. A small workout goes a long way for thirsty, but environmentally conscience customers!

View Cafe Habana New York’s menus!
Breakfast – link
Brunch – link
Lunch – link
Dinner – link
Take Out – link
Catering – link

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