Daniel Beltrá – Conversation Photographer

There is great environmental concern over climate change and global warming that we always hear about through the media. For many of us, however, we never get to truly experience direct effects, and often times are left skeptical. Thanks to Daniel Beltrá, a conversation photographer, people can digitally see the moments of deforestation, oil spills, and ice caps melting. According to Canon, “In a career spanning nearly 20 years Daniel Beltrá started out as a photojournalist working for agencies in his homeland of Spain but since a move to the USA in 2001 he now purely focuses his lenses on nature and conservation issues. His work, on the ground and shooting from planes, includes regular assignments for Greenpeace and has brought him a number of high-profile honours, including two World Press Photo awards. CPN’s Helen Atkinson caught up with him between assignments in the Amazon region and Indonesia to find out how his photography has helped to save the planet.” Some of his photos can be seen in the gallery below:

People ask me a lot if I get depressed by what I see, but I really get more motivated to expose myself. I would say it makes me work harder. I see what’s going on, I see that there are forces that are trying to hide what is occurring, and I feel that it is very important for me to expose them. -Daniel Beltrá

Below you can find in action footage of Daniel in rainforests of the Amazon and Congo, in addition to a gallery of some of his work:

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